Lin's International Education Management Group of Cos. Inc, (LIEMG) is an overseas student professional service organized under Philippine law. Its centers of operation are situated in the Philippines (Valenzuela and Manila) and Taiwan (Taipei, Taichung, and Kaoshiung). LIEMG also has agencies located in the United States, Canada (Vancouver), China (Beijing), and Poland (Poznan, Silesia and Lublin).

For the past ten years, LIEMG was able to build two (2) student dormitory buildings. LIEMG is well-known for its services to be "student-oriented".
Under the umbrella of LIEMG are service companies, each of which has its unique function such as medical, travel and tours, student assistance, and academic and language training. Each department in the Philippines provides services to foreign students on choosing the right course and the best schools or universities; accommodating them on all their housing needs; and tutoring them on their language and academic studies up to the time they graduate. LIEMG provides a comprehensive and high-end quality service to foreign students whom are continuously striving for a perfect career path.
LIEMG has successfully recruited more than 2500 students whom are mostly taking up Medicine and Dentistry at Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), Philippines. A significant number of students are also enrolled in Business, Education, Architecture, Tourism, Hospitality and Restaurant Management, and many other courses in all of our partner universities like Jose Rizal University, Far Eastern University, Asia Pacific College, De La Araneta University, International Academy of Management and Economics, Arellano University across the globe. Some may have already graduated, while some are still having their clerkship and/or teaching in their home countries. Currently, there are about 103 students who are living in our modern dormitory building and still finishing their degrees at OLFU. Each year, we are bringing in more than 250-300 students in the Philippines to study in local colleges and universities.

The only thing that our students need to do here in the Philippines is to focus on his/her studies, and the rest will be covered by LIEMG's very able management and staff. It is LIEMG’s mission to help its students surpass the challenge of Philippine graduate and/or post-graduate life. We are very proud to be of service to every diligent student; supporting them and accompanying them both through their career and personality development stage. We believe that our students’ success is also our success.

We have collaboration agreement with different Universities not only in Asia but also in some parts of Europe.  We have the following Universities as our partner in linking Students secure quality education to help build a successful and flourishing career.

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